John Harbaugh, Mike Zimmer Play To Win in Preseason

Published on August 5th, 2021 7:32 pm EST
Written By: Dave Manuel

American professional football preseason betting.  Win/loss records of coaches. Betting on preseason NFL football is a nearly impossible task.

Let's say that Pittsburgh is playing Dallas in the Hall of Fame game, as is happening this year.

How would you handicap such a game?

After all, hardly any of the team's starters will be playing.

Instead, you'll get guys playing that likely won't end up making the team in a game that absolutely doesn't matter.

In short - betting on a preseason NFL game is a simple toss of the coin.


That is, howeer, unless somebody like John Harbaugh or Mike Zimmer is coaching in one of the preseason games.

In the case of Harbaugh, Zimmer or even Jon Gruden, the winning records for these coaches is so eye-popping that something must be going on.

They must be coaching to win, even in the preseason.

Some coaches simply want to get their guys work and see what they've got to work with.

Other coaches, like Jim Harbaugh, want to instill a winning mindset, even if it is the preseason.

If you are looking for a preseason betting edge, the win/loss records of the coaches involved should be one consideration.


Let's take a look at the preseason win/loss records for three coaches:

John Harbaugh - 37/12
Jon Gruden - 36/18
Mike Zimmer - 20/15

All of these coaches have very good win/loss records in the season, and they all clearly take these games seriously.

It's no fluke that John Harbaugh has a win/loss record in the preseason of 37/12.


Other coaches will notable preseason records would include:

Bill Belichick, 46/36
Pete Carroll, 25/15


If you are looking for a preseason betting edge, look to the coaches that are involved.

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