Fans Coming To Terms With Possibility of Winless Season

Published on October 20th, 2020 1:12 pm EST
Written By: Dave Manuel

A team from New York is having a rough season. Things are bad for fans of the New York Jets right now.

Really, really bad.

The good news?

A really bad New York Jets team means that Clemson's Trevor Lawrence is likely going to come to town.

The Jets are 0-6 right now and seem to be hurtling towards a 0-16 season.

They are not even close to being a winning team. Things went from horrible to even worse on Sunday after they were blown out by the Miami Dolphins.

Sam Darnold is hurt and is looking like a bust. Le'Veon Bell was released. Adam Gase is likely on the verge of getting fired.

The New York Jets are in shambles and now people are starting to ask the question - will they go winless this year?

Bookmakers, of course, have put out odds on this possibility.

Here are the odds, courtesy of William Hill, as he head into Week 7 of the season:

Will the New York Jets Go 0-16?

Yes, +350
No, -450


The bad news for the Jets is that they have a relatively tough schedule over the rest of the year.

Here are the teams that the Jets still have to play:

Buffalo Bills
Kansas City Chiefs
New England Patriots
Los Angeles Chargers
Miami Dolphins
Vegas Raiders
Seattle Seahawks
Los Angeles Rams
Cleveland Browns
New England Patriots


If you are a Jets fans and are hoping to avoid the embarrassment of a 0-16 season, your best hope may lie in the home game against the Cleveland Browns on December 27th.

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