Golden State Warriors Currently -175 To Win NBA Title This Season

Published on February 27th, 2017 2:51 pm EST
Oddsmakers are in agreement - the Golden State Warriors will likely brush off last season's 3-1 collapse against the Cleveland Cavaliers to win another NBA title.

The Golden State Warriors are currently slicing and dicing their way through another NBA season this year, as they are on pace to finish with the league's best record yet again.

The team is obviously benefitting from the addition of Kevin Durant to the line-up, as he shocked many in the offseason by electing to move to the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors already had one of the best teams of all time before adding Durant to their line-up - with KD on the floor as well, the team is virtually unstoppable.

The Cleveland Cavaliers, who are the defending champions, have been trying to keep up, as they have added a number of key veteran pieces in order to help with another long run to the finals. LeBron James is still the best player in the NBA, though can the Cavaliers stack up against the Warriors in another seven game series?

There are other teams that certainly have a chance of winning a title (such as the San Antonio Spurs, who absolutely nobody is talking about thanks to the Warriors), though practically everyone is expecting to see the Warriors and Cavaliers in the finals yet again this season.


As mentioned, oddsmakers firmly believe that the Warriors will win their second title in the past three years. Here are the 2016-17 NBA Championship odds:

Golden State Warriors, -175
Cleveland Cavaliers, +325
San Antonio Spurs, +800
Boston Celtics, +1600
Houston Rockets, +1600
Toronto Raptors, +3300
Los Angeles Clippers, +4000
Washington Wizards, +5000
Utah Jazz, +6600
Memphis Grizzlies, +10000
Atlanta Hawks, +15000
Oklahoma City Thunder, +15000
New Orleans Pelicans, +20000


As you can see, the Warriors are better than even money to win, while the Cavaliers would pay out $325 for every $100 wagered if they happened to pull out the victory.

If you are looking for a potential dark horse, the San Antonio Spurs would seem to be a good choice. Anything can happen in a seven game series, and with one of the greatest coaches of all time at the helm, perhaps the Spurs could upset the Warriors in the Western Conference Finals. After all, the Spurs have Leonard and Aldridge, which certainly gives them the pieces to make another deep run.

In the end, however, the star-studded Warriors line-up will likely prove to be too much for the rest of the league, as the Warriors continue to benefit from a very team-friendly Steph Curry contract.

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