Wayne Gretzky Had 47 Points in 1984-85 Playoffs

Published on May 19th, 2022 11:59 am EST
Written By: Dave Manuel

Top scoring performances in the history of NHL playoffs.  One name stands out. It shouldn't be a surprise to learn that the record for most points in a single NHL playoff run belongs to Wayne Gretzky.

After all, he holds practically every notable record for an offensive player in the NHL.

During the 1984-85 Edmonton Oilers playoff run, Wayne Gretzky accumulated a total of 47 points:

17 Goals
30 Assists

Of these totals, Gretzky scored four of his goals on the powerplay, and an additional 2 goals while short-handed.

The unbelievable thing about this record?

Wayne Gretzky scored 47 points in just 18 games.

So, the "Great One" averaged a total of 2.61 points per game in the 1984-85 playoffs.

To start, in 1984-85, the first round was a best-of-5. Gretzky and the Oilers easily defeated the Los Angeles Kings, 3-0.

After that, the Oilers swept the Winnipeg Jets, 4-0.

Over the next two rounds, the Oilers would win 4-2 (Chicago) and 4-1 (Philadelphia) en route to their second consecutive Stanley Cup.

So, Gretzky and the Oilers played just 18 games in the 1984-85 playoffs, which makes his record even more unbelievable.


Here are the top five scoring performances in a single NHL playoff run:

1. Wayne Gretzky, 47 points, 1984-85
2. Mario Lemieux, 44 points, 1990-91
3. Wayne Gretzky, 43 points, 1987-88
4. Wayne Gretzky, 40 points, 1992-93
5. Wayne Gretzky, 38 points, 1982-83

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