Can Usain Bolt Continue His Dominance?

Published on August 7th, 2016 2:25 pm EST
The men's 100 meter dash is one of the premier events of the Olympics.

Usain Bolt has already announced that this will be his last Summer Olympics, as he will be retiring in 2017. Bolt's grip on the sprinting world is without precedent, as he has six Olympic gold medals and is the reigning champion in the 100m, 200m and 4x100 meter events.

Bolt has been dealing with some injury issues over the past few months, though he is still the favourite to continue his reign of dominance at the Summer Olympics in Brazil this year. Bolt's level of dominance has many thinking that he will win easily, even if he is operating at less than 100%.


The only man who is seen as having a chance of beating Bolt is Justin Gatlin. Gatlin is currently a little worse than even money at most betting books.


Here are the current odds for the Men's 100 meter dash - as you can see, it's Bolt, Gatlin and then everybody else:

Usain Bolt, 1/2
Justin Gatlin, 15/8
Trayvon Bromell, 14/1
Yohan Blake, 14/1
Andre de Grasse, 20/1
Jimmy Vicaut, 33/1
Akani Simbine, 50/1
Marvin Bracy, 50/1
Nickel Ashmeade, 66/1
Keston Bledman, 100/1
Femi Ogundoe, 66/1
James Dasaolu, 150/1
JA Harvey, 100/1
Kim Collins, 150/1
Richard Thompson, 150/1
Chijindu Ujah, 150/1
Yazaldes Nascimento, 100/1
Christophe Lemaitre, 150/1
James Ellington, 150/1
Churandy Martina, 100/1


Usain Bolt is looking to make one final impact on the running world before he rides off into the sunset in 2017? Can he do it?

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