Rua and Henderson Will Clash in UFC Fight Night: Shogun vs Henderson 2

Published on March 22nd, 2014 3:32 pm EST
Mauricio "Shogun" Rua and Dan Henderson will be clashing for the second (and likely final) time on Sunday night in Natal, Brazil.

Rua and Henderson first clashed in the main event of UFC 139 on November 19th, 2011. The fight ended up being one of the all time classics in the history of the UFC, as both men battered and bruised the other over the course of the five round fight. In the end, Henderson received the nod from the judges, thanks to the first three rounds of the fight in which he almost finished Rua twice. Rua, however, turned the momentum and very nearly won in the fifth round.

Rua vs Henderson 2 will be another five round battle - can it possibly be as good as their first fight? We'll find out on Sunday night.


Mauricio "Shogun" Rua will enter Sunday's fight as the clear favourite - here are the current betting odds as of this moment:

Mauricio Rua, -230
Dan Henderson, +205

So, according to these odds, a successful $230 wager on Rua would yield a total profit of $100, while a successful $100 bet on Henderson would yield a total return of $205.

In order to understand these odds, you need to consider a couple of important factors:

-Henderson has lost his last three fights in a row (Machida, Evans, Belfort)
-Henderson may be a bit hesitant after he suffered the first knockout loss of his career in his last fight (Belfort)
-Rua looked very good in his last fight (Te-Huna)
-Henderson is 43 years old

Mix in all of these different factors and you are left with Rua being a -230 favourite.


Will Rua win and avenge his loss to Henderson, or will Hendo pull out the victory?

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