Junior dos Santos vs Mark Hunt Betting Odds

Published on March 20th, 2013 7:18 pm EST
Junior dos Santos will be taking on Mark Hunt in the co-main event of UFC 160: Silva vs Velasquez II. The winner of dos Santos vs Hunt has already been promised a shot at the UFC Heavyweight title.

The original fight was supposed to be Alistair Overeem vs Junior dos Santos, but Overeem was forced to pull himself from the fight due to a quad injury. It was originally thought that the Overeem vs dos Santos fight would be pushed back until July, but the UFC elected to give the shot to Mark Hunt instead.

Junior dos Santos will be looking to rebound after dropping his title to Cain Velasquez at UFC 155, while Mark Hunt will be looking to continue his winning streak and earn his first shot at the UFC Heavyweight title.

This is going to be a great fight between two of the hardest strikers in the UFC's heavyweight division. Let's take a look at the odds heading into this fight:

Junior dos Santos, -400
Mark Hunt, +280

These odds mean that a $400 bet on dos Santos would yield a total profit of $100, while a successful $100 bet on Mark Hunt would return a total of $280.


Now, Junior dos Santos enjoys some obvious advantages in this fight. They are:

-superior ground game
-superior cardio

People forget that Junior dos Santos is very good on the ground - he has just never really shown this side of his game, as he has been too busy knocking people out.

While Mark Hunt's ground game has improved, he still can't compare to dos Santos. If you assume that the striking is about even, you have to start looking at other aspects such as grappling skills and cardio. in these two regards, dos Santos has the clear advantage.

Both men have iron chins, and both men have one punch knockout power. This should be an absolute slugfest.

The one question mark - how is Junior dos Santos recovering from his personal turmoil? Dos Santos divorced his wife just before his second fight against Velasquez, and this undoubtedly impacted his performance. Will he be able to rebound against Hunt?

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