Kevin Bradshaw Received Tremendous Amount of Criticism For Breaking Record

Published on July 23rd, 2023 3:52 pm EST
Written By: Dave Manuel

The basketball legendary player of the past - Pete Maravich. On January 5th, 1991, Kevin Bradshaw, a senior guard with the now-defunct U.S. International basketball team, set the all-time single-game scoring record in a Division I game.

In most cases, such a feat would likely be worth of congratulations and a spot on SportsCenter.

For Bradshaw, however, the 72-point performance would draw a tremendous amount of criticism, which would leave him scratching his head.


U.S. International had a very bad basketball team in the 1990-91 season.

So bad, in fact, that the school was shutting down the program at the end of the season.

USIU had a 1-15 record heading into the January 5th game against Loyola Marymount.

The team's strategy was simple - fly down the court on offense, while playing hardly any defense.

This resulted in some very high-scoring games, and the game against Loyola Marymount was no different, as USIU lost 186-140.

Bradshaw, however, would enter the record books that day, as he finished with a total of 72 points, eclipsing the record that was held by Pete Maravich.


So why did Bradshaw receive criticism for his record? Why was the criticism so harsh that Bradshaw's coach had to speak out on his behalf?

Here are the possible reasons:

1. Bradshaw went 23-59 from the field that day, which isn't exactly impressive.

2. The USIU utilized a "junk" style of basketball that saw them score many points but often lose.

3. Many people weren't happy that Bradshaw took the record from an all-time great, Pete Maravich.


It took over two decades for Maravich's record to be topped.

Can anyone touch Bradshaw's record in this day and age?

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