Jose Aldo Opens as Small Favourite Over Conor McGregor

Published on January 21st, 2015 3:24 am EST
One of the biggest fights of 2015 (and certainly the biggest fight that the Featherweight division has ever seen) will pit current Featherweight champion Jose Aldo against Conor McGregor.

The fight between the two men was cemented following McGregor's recent thrashing of Dennis Siver in Boston. McGregor won the fight in the second round and then took the opportunity to leap the cage to confront Jose Aldo in the audience.

The UFC revealed that the current plan is to have Jose Aldo and McGregor square off in Las Vegas in May, likely as part of the promotion's Memorial Day card. There was some talk of hosting the fight in a soccer stadium in either Brazil or Ireland but the PPV dollars that will be generated from a McGregor/Aldo fight have proven to be too big for the UFC to ignore.


Jose Aldo has opened as the slight favourite to beat McGregor in May:

Jose Aldo, -175, 1.57, 4/7
Conor McGregor, +145, 2.45, 13/9

So, according to these odds, Aldo has a 63% chance of winning in May while McGregor is being given a 41% chance of winning.


McGregor has looked super impressive during his stint in the UFC but has certainly never faced somebody of Aldo's caliber. Aldo, who has been Featherweight champion in the UFC for as long as the division has been around, is known for his lethal striking and underrated ground game. McGregor has a complex striking game that has given his opponent's fits but you can also say the exact same thing about Jose Aldo. In addition, Aldo has the added advantage of having been there before, as he has already beaten the likes of Frankie Edgar and Chad Mendes (twice).

This should be a fantastic fight - who have you got?

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