Five Teams Have Gone Winless Since 1944 Season

Published on September 9th, 2021 11:35 am EST
Written By: Dave Manuel

Winless seasons in the NFL are rare but they do happen.  Here are the teams involved. In 1944, two NFL teams - the Brooklyn Tigers and Card-Pitt - went without winning a game.

This was the last time in NFL history that a season would feature two winless teams.

Since that 1944 season, five teams have posted winless seasons.

Of those five teams, two teams posted one tie, so their season wasn't quite as horrible as it could have been.


In 1960, the Dallas Cowboys posted a record of 0-11-1.

The team, which was coached by Tom Landry, was an expansion team that season, so at least they had an excuse to be terrible.


In 1976, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers went 0-14.

This team, which is regarded by many as the worst in NFL history, was also an expansion team.

The team, as mentioned, was horrible, made up mostly of aging and injured veterans.

The Buccaneers scored an embarrassing 125 points over the course of the season, while allowing an eye-popping 412.

As mentioned - absolutely terrible.


In 1982, the Baltimore Colts finished the season with a record of 0-8-1, as a strike shortened the season.

The Colts were especially bad on offense that season, as they managed just 113 points over nine games. This included two straight shutout losses at the hands of the Jets and Bills.


In 2008, the Detroit Lions made history, as they became the first NFL team to lost all of their games in a 16 game season.

Despite firing coach Matt Millen in Week 4, the Lions still couldn't turn things around.

The Lions had all-time great Calvin Johnson on their roster, but not much else. Johnson was only in his second year, however, and didn't have much help around him.

The Lions would use their #1 pick the following year to draft Matthew Stafford.


The 2017 Cleveland Browns were terrible.

What made things even worse is that the Browns had finished 1-15 the year before, so their fans were only able to witness one win over two seasons.

The Browns were competitive in a number of their games in 2017, though they just couldn't pull out the victory.

While this was obviously a terrible time for fans of the team, the club turned things around, adding the likes of Mayfield, Garrett and Nick Chubb to the roster, so things are definitely looking up in Cleveland.

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