Diaz vs GSP Odds

Published on March 11th, 2013 5:58 pm EST
GSP To Win, -500
Nick Diaz to Win, +350


On March 16th, 2013, Georges St. Pierre ("GSP") will be defending his Welterweight title against Nick Diaz in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

The GSP vs Diaz fight has finally come together after almost two years of trying. GSP and Diaz were originally supposed to fight at UFC 137, but Dana White pulled Diaz off the card as he wasn't fulfilling his media obligations. Carlos Condit vs GSP was made instead, but GSP was ultimately forced off of that card due to an injury.

At UFC 143, Carlos Condit fought Nick Diaz for the interim Welterweight title, with the winner getting the next shot at GSP. After Diaz lost and was subsequently suspended due to a failed drug test, it appeared as though the much anticipated GSP vs Nick Diaz fight would never happen.

After St. Pierre defeated Carlos Condit at UFC 154, he went to UFC President Dana White and specifically requested the Nick Diaz fight. Believe it or not, the fight hasn't fallen apart, and the two men will finally meet in the Octagon this Saturday.


As mentioned above, the odds for the GSP vs Diaz fight currently look like this:

GSP, -500
Nick Diaz, +350

These odds mean that a $500 bet on St. Pierre would yield a total profit of $100, while a successful $100 bet on Nick Diaz would return a total of $350.

As you can tell, Georges St. Pierre is a pretty big favorite to win on Saturday night.

The keys to victory for both men are pretty straightforward. St. Pierre will be looking to take Diaz down and overwhelm him on the ground, while Diaz will look to try and utilize his outstanding cardio to take advantage of a tiring St. Pierre in the later rounds of the fight. Diaz will also be looking to try and catch St. Pierre in some sort of a submission when the fight goes to the ground.

Can Nick Diaz pull off the upset?

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