Golden State Warriors 10/11 To Win NBA Title Following Kevin Durant Signing

Published on July 4th, 2016 11:44 pm EST
The NBA experienced a seismic shift on Monday after Kevin Durant announced that he would be signing with the Golden State Warriors in a two-year deal.

The signing of Durant by the Warriors creates one of the best teams that the NBA has even seen. In fact, some argue that the Warriors with Durant is the best team ever.

The Warriors now have two of the best three players in the league (Durant, Curry), as well as Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. Thanks to a team-friendly deal with Steph Curry and some savvy cap management, the Warriors can maintain this team for years to come as well.

The Warriors suffered a devastating loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers a few weeks ago, though now they are dramatically declaring themselves as the odds-on favorites to win the title next year with the acquisition of Durant.


Let's look at the odds to win the 2016/17 NBA title as of this moment:

Golden State Warriors, 10/11
Cleveland Cavaliers, 7/2
San Antonio Spurs, 15/2
Boston Celtics, 16/1
OKC Thunder, 18/1
LA Clippers, 18/1

The Durant move is also notable as it severely weakens the OKC Thunder, who were extremely close to beating the Golden State Warriors during this most recent playoff run. In reality, the only team that can likely give the Warriors any trouble in the West is the San Antonio Spurs.


It is quite unbelievable for a team to be better than even money to win a NBA title before the season even starts. This just speaks to how excellent the Golden State Warriors are going to be this season.

Be afraid - be very, very afraid.

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