EURO 2016 - Odds to Qualify to Round of 16

EURO Cup 2016 France - Official logoThe upcoming EURO 2016 tournament in France will be played under a brand new format. Here we take a look at the odds for each team to qualify to the knockout rounds and also the odds to win the tournament outright.

For the first time we have 24 teams competing in the European Cup. It used to be 16. There are now six groups of four and the group winners, runner-ups and four best third placed teams will advance to the Round of 16.

After that it is one game knockout style all the way to and including the final.


The odds to make it out of each group:

Group A

France: 1/80
Switzerland: 1/4
Romania: 5/6
Albania: 15/8

Group B

England: 1/12
Russia: 1/4
Wales: 8/13
Slovakia: 11/10

Group C

Germany: 1/5
Poland: 2/7
Ukraine: 4/11
Northern Ireland: 11/4

Group D

Spain: 1/16
Croatia: 4/9
Turkey: 8/13
Czech Republic: 8/11

Group E

Belgium: 1/8
Italy: 1/7
Sweden: 4/7
Republic of Ireland: 5/4

Group F

Portugal: 1/12
Austria: 1/6
Iceland: 8/13
Hungary: 11/8


The odds to win the EURO 2016 tournament:

France: 11/4
Germany: 10/3
Spain: 11/2
Belgium: 10/1
England: 12/1
Italy: 16/1
Portugal: 16/1
Croatia: 25/1
Austria: 33/1
Poland: 50/1
Russia: 66/1
Switzerland: 66/1
Turkey: 66/1
Wales: 66/1
Czech Republic: 80/1
Iceland: 80/1
Republic of Ireland: 100/1
Sweden: 100/1
Ukraine: 100/1
Romania: 15/1
Slovakia: 150/1
Albania: 250/1
Northern Ireland: 250/1
Hungary: 500/1


The host nation, France, are the heavy favourites to get out of their group and also go all the way and win the tournament. Spain, who won the last two Euro Cups are the third favourites behind the 2014 World Cup winners Germany.

Let's see how things play out in France this summer!