2016/17 UEFA Champions League Revenue Distribution

The King presents the UEFA 2016/17 Champions League revenue modelThe new Champions League season is upon us and, as always, we are interested to see the potential financial rewards that await the clubs that have made it to the tournament group stage.

The way the system works at the moment is that all revenue from UEFA club competitions is centralized and then divided between the Champions League and the Europa League using a 3.3 to 1 ratio.

The UEFA estimates that over €1.3b is to be distributed among the teams taking part in the 2016/17 UEFA Champions League. The 60% of that amount (€761m) is distributed according to a fixed formula, while the remaining 40% is distributed using a variable formula.

The fixed revenue distribution formula key points are:

- Each club in the group stage receives €12.7m

- Group stage game win bonus is €1.5m

- For a draw, each team receives €500k

- Qualification to the round of 16 is worth €6m

- Qualification to the quarter-finals is worth €6.5m

- Qualification to the semi-finals is worth €7.5m

- Tournament winner receives €15.5m

- The runner-up receives: €11m

A club is able to receive up to a maximum of €57.2m from fixed distribution.

The estimated variable amount to be divided among the clubs in the upcoming Champions League season is €507m.

The way variable amount distribution works is a bit more complicated as, among other things, previous season domestic league performance is entered into the equation. For the full details of variable amount distribution, as well as solidarity payments and organisational and administrative competition-related costs, please follow the link at the bottom of this article.

The King is in the middle of a scizzor kick while expressing his happiness about the upcoming UEFA Champions League season

It is that time of the year again. The biggest club football competition on the old continent is about to begin. The first round of group matches commence on Tuesday, September 13th, 2016.

The final will be played in Cardiff, Wales, on June 3rd, 2017.

Enjoy the tournament everyone!


Source: UEFA