Most Expensive European Teams at Start of 2017/18 Season

The FOotball King is in the middle of action.  Heading the ball.  Into the net of course.To say that the investment in football has skyrocketed over the last few years could very well be an understatement. The value of transfer fees paid to acquire top talent are increasing at an astonishing pace.

For example, the total transfer fees combined paid to assemble the current squads of the English Premier League teams is currently sitting at €5.7bn, a 28% increase compared to last year. This is, on average, €287m per team.

The Italian Serie A is currently at €2.4bn, La Liga is at €2.2bn, Bundesliga (18 teams) at €1.9bn and Ligue 1 at €1.85bn.

Here are the most expensively assembled squads in the Europe's Big 5 Leagues, according to the CIES Football Observatory:

1. Manchester City: €853m
2. PSG: €850m
3. Manchester United: €784m
4. Chelsea: €644m
5. Barcelona: €628m
6. Real Madrid: €497m
7. Juventus: €470m
8. Liverpool: €437m
9. Arsenal: €416m
10. Tottenham: €361m
11. Bayern Munich: €350m
12. Everton: €348m
13. Milan: €316m
14. Monaco: €293m
15. Roma: €276m
16. Dortmund: €275m
17. Inter: €268m
18. Napoli: €240m
19. Atletico Madrid: €231m
20. Crystal Palace: €223m
20. Southampton: €223m


The English Premier League is financially a dominant force in world football. There are six EPL teams in the top ten on the list above.

Manchester City, at €853m in transfer fees paid for their squad, are the most expensive team that ever existed. PSG is right up there as well.

The English league is so powerful financially that Everton, who are in the relegation zone after 5 games played, have a team that cost just as much as Bayern Munich.

Is there a financial bubble in the sport of football?


Football Observatory