Top Club Sponsorship Deals in 2016/17

Top sponsors in Euro football - Season 2016/17 - Adidas, Nike, Puma, Etihad, Quatar Air, Yokohama Tires, Standard Chartered etc.Here we will go over this season's top sponsorship deals in club football. The data comes from Forbes (please see link below) and it includes top kit, jersey and stadium sponsorship deals in the upcoming 2016/17 season.

Real Madrid and Manchester United are the two standout clubs when it comes to monetizing their brand with sponsorships.

Here are the top 10:

1. Real Madrid

Kit: Adidas - $158m
Jersey: Emirates - $34m
Stadium: United Arab Emirates - $28m
Total: $220m

2. Manchester United

Kit: Adidas - $107m
Jersey: Chevrolet - $80m
Stadium (training ground): Aon - $22m
Total: $209m

3. Bayern Munich

Kit: Adidas - $68m
Jersey: Deutsche Telekom - $34m
Stadium: Allianz - $9m
Total: $111m

4. Chelsea

Kit: Adidas - $41m
Jersey: Yokohama Rubber - $57m
Stadium: none
Total: $99m

5. Arsenal

Kit: Puma - $43m
Jersey / Stadium: $43m
Total: $86m

6. Barcelona

Kit: Nike - $40m
Jersey: Quatar Sports Investments and Intel - $41m
Stadium: none
Total: $81m

7. Liverpool

Kit: New Balance - $36m
Jersey: Standard Chartered - $43m
Stadium: none
Total: $79m

8. Manchester City

Kit: Nike - $17m
Jersey / Stadium: Etihad - $57m
Total: $74m

9. Juventus

Kit: Nike - $26m
Jersey: Jeep - $19m
Stadium: Sportfive - $7m
Total: $53m

10. Paris Saint-Germain

Kit: Nike - $23m
Jersey: Emirates - $28m
Stadium: none
Total: $51m

The King presents the biggest sponsors of the upcoming 2016/16 football season

Adidas are dominating the kit sponsorship market, having three by far the largest contracts under their name. Four of the top five kit deals this season are under Adidas. Among the top ten Nike have four teams wearing the swoosh, with the other two companies being Puma and New Balance.

Real Madrid are the club with the top sponsorship total this season. Man United are a close second and could be number one if they chose to sell the naming rights for the Old Trafford.

Barcelona are surprisingly in 6th place; reason being their choice not to sell the stadium naming rights.


Source: Forbes