Top Ten Salaries in English Premier League - 2015/16 Season

Top Salaries in the English Premier League - concept graphic - EPL logo and Euro currency symbolThanks in part to its lucrative broadcasting deal, the English Premier League is the wealthiest football league in the world, paying on average the highest player salaries in the game.

Here are the top 10 player salaries in EPL at the start of the 2015/16 season. Please note that these are pre-tax salaries and they do not include performance bonuses or any additional revenues players might receive from sponsors etc. All figures have been converted from British Pounds to Euros at today's exchange rate.

1. Wayne Rooney, Man Utd - €18.5m
Signed five-year deal in 2014

2. Sergio Aguero, Man City - €17m
Signed five-year deal in 2014

2. Yaya Toure, Man City - €17m
Signed four-year deal in 2013

4. Eden Hazard, Chelsea - €15.7m
Signed five-year deal in 2015

5. David Silva, Man City - €14.3m
Signed five-year deal in 2014

5. David de Gea - €14.3m
Signed four-year deal in 2015

7. Mesut Ozil, Arsenal - €13.6m
Signed five-year deal in 2013

8. Raheem Sterling, Man City - €12.9m
Signed five-year deal in 2015

9. Cesc Fabregas, Chelsea - €12.2m
Signed five-year deal in 2014

10. Kevin De Bruyne, Man City - €12.2m
Signed six-year deal in 2015


The new additions to the Top 10 list this season are Raheem Sterling, who transferred to Manchester City from Liverpool, Kevin De Bruyne, who left Wolfsburg to also join the Sky Blues this summer and David de Gea who signed a bumper deal with Manchester United.

Is it a surprise at all to see five Manchester City players among the top 10 highest paid players in the English Premier League?