2014 FIFA World Cup Top Goalscorer Odds

The Adidas Golden Boot Trophy - 2014 FIFA World Cup Top Goalscorer AwardWith four games left to be played in the 2014 FIFA World Cup (the semi-finals, final and the game for 3rd place), let's take a look at the odds for winning the tournament's top goalscorer award, aka the Golden Boot.

James Rodriguez (COL) - 6 Goals - 4/6
Lionel Messi (ARG) - 4 Goals - 4/1
Thomas Muller (GER) - 4 Goals - 9/2
Robin van Persie (HOL) - 3 Goals - 16/1
Arjen Robben (HOL) - 3 Goals - 20/1

Although the World Cup is over for Colombia's James Rodriguez, the 22 year old Monaco midfielder is the favorite to win the prestigious award.

The rules state that if two or more players are even on goals scored, the award goes to the player who played the fewest minutes. Lionel Messi and Thomas Muller, for that reason, would have to score 3 goals each in their two remaining games to surpass Rodrigues in the race for the Golden Boot trophy.

Neymar, who scored four goals before going out with an injury in Brazil's last game vs. Colombia, would have been one of the top contenders for the award if he was able to play.

Can Messi or Muller do it?

Could Robben score four?

Or will it be Rodriguez, who is deserving of some sort of a trophy for his performance in the tournament.

Let's see how things play out!