Money Moving Fast in World Football

The Football King is transporting a large quantity of money in a wheelbarrow.The global interest in football has skyrocketed in the last few years, resulting in astonishing increases in the money supply within the game.

The club revenues across major European leagues are growing fast. The sponsorship deals, broadcasting contracts and fees paid for player talent are all increasing at an unprecedented rate. Last season alone, the revenue of the top 20 clubs in Europe increased by 12%, up to €7.4bn, according to Deloitte.

The people at the accounting company Deloitte keep a good track of the money flow in the game. Here we will go over some interesting details from their most recent report. The 20th edition of the Deloitte Football Money League is out, and you can view it by following the link at the bottom of this article.


Below are the top ten earning clubs in the world at the moment. Please keep in mind that these figures are revenues only. All income apart from player transfers is counted, including merchandise, ticket sales, broadcasting rights, competition prizes and sponsorship deals.

1. Manchester United - €689m
2. Barcelona - €620.2m
3. Real Madrid - €620.1m
4. Bayern Munich €592m
5. Manchester City €524.9m
6. Paris Saint-Germain €520.9m
7. Arsenal €468.5m
8. Chelsea €447.4m
9. Liverpool €403.8m
10. Juventus €341.1m

In the €200m range, we have clubs such as Borussia, Tottenham, Atletico, Schalke , Roma and Milan.

The top three teams, Manchester United, Barcelona and Real Madrid, had more than seven times the revenues in 2015/16 than they did in 1996/17.

Manchester United knocked off Real Madrid to reclaim the number one spot on the list of top earning clubs. This is their 9th first place finish in the last twenty years. The Red Devils are experiencing phenomenal growth in commercial and broadcasting revenue. Here are their figures for 2015/16:

Matchday revenues - €137.5m
Broadcast revenues - €187.7m
Commercial revenues - €363.8m

Man United revenues increased from €520m in 2015 to €689m in 2016.

Part of their current revenue mix is the new Adidas kit deal, worth in the area of €80m per season.

The Deloitte report also brings to light the rapid rise of English Premier League clubs towards the top of the revenue list, thanks primarily to their lucrative domestic league broadcasting deal. If things stay on course, it will not be long until all 20 of the EPL clubs are among the top 30 clubs with highest revenues.


Is there a bubble in football or are club revenues going towards the €1b mark?


Source: Deloitte Money League 2017