0.5 Goals Per Game More Being Scored Compared to 2010 World Cup

Football Brazil - ConceptAccording to Fifa.com, 2.8 goals per game have been scored so far at the 2014 World Cup. This compares to just 2.3 goals per game in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

54 of the 64 games that comprise the 2014 World Cup have now been played, so the sample size is significant. What is also significant is the 0.5 goal per game difference compared to the 2010 World Cup.

Much has been made of this statistical disparity over the past couple of days. The big question has now become - why the big increase in goal scoring?

There are a number of possibilities, including:

1) Higher levels of talent. The game of football continues to grow in popularity throughout the world. Increased popularity equals increased revenues which equals increased player salaries which equals increased investment in players. In short, the players are better than ever right now and we are seeing this translated into increased goals at the World Cup.

2) Attacking. Many teams have rid themselves of a defense first strategy that plagued previous World Cups and have taken on a more offensive tone. According to Fifa.com, the total attacks from teams such as France, Germany and Brazil are much higher than in previous World Cups on a per game basis.

3) Weather. The heat and humidity has played havoc with players so far in this World Cup. Many defenders have had cramping troubles during this World Cup and this has likely translated into higher goal totals.

4). Increased parity. The weaker teams are not nearly as weak as they were in previous World Cups. Teams like Nigeria and Algeria, which would have been afterthoughts in the past, gave teams such as Argentina and Germany a serious run for their money. Even players on teams such as Algeria now largely play for large clubs in Europe and this has translated into increased parity on the field.


Whatever the reason may be, more goals are being scored at this World Cup to the delight of fans across the world.

Source: FIFA.com