El Clasico - Spain's Most Exciting Football Matchup

What does the term El Clasico mean in the game of football?

El Clasico (El Clįsico) is a matchup between two Spanish rivals Real Madrid and Barcelona.

El Clasico can be in the Spanish La Liga, Spanish Cup (Copa del Rey), UEFA Champions League or it can be any other game involving these two teams. One thing is consistent, whenever Barcelona and Real Madrid play each other, the game is always a pleasure to watch.

El Clasico - Matchup between Real Madrid and Barcelona - Team Logos

Real Madrid and Barcelona feature top football talent and both teams give it their best in these matchups. Some years there are only two El Clasicos while some years there are more. In 2011/12 season Real Madrid and Barcelona met 6 times and each game was truly amazing.

El Clasico is the most followed football club match after the UEFA Champions League finals. In the past, only league matchups were considered to be an El Clasico, but now, because of marketing etc., every meeting of the two teams is considered to be one.

How do the two teams measure in terms of wins and loses?

The teams have officially met 223 times.

Real Madrid has won 89 times while Barcelona has won 86 times.

Last El Clasico was a Copa del Rey match at Camp Nou in Barcelona on February 26th, 2013 and the score was 1-3 for Real Madrid.

The next El Clasico is a La Liga match on Saturday, March 2nd, 2013 at Santiago Bernabeu in Madrid.

The teams could also potentially meet in the UEFA Champions League this season.

When the two teams meet in Spanish competitions the games tend to flow more freely as Spanish referees allow a little bit more emotion on the pitch vs. when the games are played in international competitions.

Either way, it is worth it to keep an eye out for the El Clasico games. This is as good as it gets in football.