Social Media Values of Top Football Clubs

Concept / Illustration - The value of social media accounts for the sport of footballThe company examines social media accounts of major sports teams and measures things like followings, interactions, engagement and the quality of promoted posts to try and estimate the media value of each account.

Here are their findings when it comes to the sport of football, using data collected between June 2015 and June 2016:

1. Barcelona

Followers: 145 million
Interactions: 1.45 billion
Media value: $25.3 million


2. Real Madrid

Followers: 141 million
Interactions: 601 million
Media value: $17.2 million


3. Manchester United

Followers: 88.4 million
Interactions: 522 million
Media value: $12.1 million


4. Arsenal

Followers: 50.6 million
Interactions: 239 million
Media value: $9.2 million


5. Chelsea

Followers: 59.5 million
Interactions: 181 million
Media value: $6.1 million


6. Bayern Munich

Followers: 46.8 million
Interactions: 204 million
Media value: $2.5 million


7. Manchester City

Followers: 27.5 million
Interactions: 107 million
Media value: $5.8 million


8. Juventus

Followers: 30.3 million
Interactions: 156 million
Media value: $2 million


9. Liverpool

Followers: 37.3 million
Interactions: 146 million
Media value: $1.6 million


10. Borussia Dortmund

Followers: 18.8 million
Interactions: 91.4 million
Media value: $1.9 million


11. Paris Saint-Germain

Followers: 32.7 million
Interactions: 67.2 million
Media value: $1.3 million


The sport of football is dominating when it comes to social media, with Barcelona alone having more Twitter, Facebook and Instagram followers than all of the 32 NFL teams combined.

The players with most followings are Cristiano Ronaldo (215 million), Lionel Messi (131 million) and Neymar. Ronaldo has more Facebook fans (115 million) than any other person on the planet.

There are 11 football teams among the top 20 teams ranked by social media value.

Arsenal published the greatest number of promoted posts (930+).

Bayern Munich had the highest quality ads.

The King is drinking coffee and discussing the valuations of social media accounts in the sport of football

The data measuring Cristiano Ronaldo's followings was taken before he led Portugal to the EURO 2016 title, arguably one of his biggest career achievements thus far. That number must have increased significantly in the last couple of weeks alone.

Manchester United are sure to see an increase in their social media value after signing Zlatan Ibrahimovic, one of the masters of the digital marketing game.


Source: Forbes