Top Football Clubs Ranked by Revenues in 2014/15

The King is applauding to the financially best performing clubs in 2014/15 seasonThe new Deloitte Football Money League report is out (link below), so over the next few days we will be taking a look at the financial situations of the European elite football clubs. To start, we will review the top twenty clubs ranked by revenues in the 2014/15 season.

Here they are (please note, the numbers in brackets are last season's figures):

Real Madrid: €577m (549.5)
Barcelona: €560.8m (484.8)
Manchester United: €519.5m (518)
PSG: €480.8m (471.3)
Bayern Munich: €474m (487.5)
Manchester City: €463.5m (416.5)
Arsenal: €435.5m (359.3)
Chelsea: €420m (387.9)
Liverpool: €391.8m (305.9)
Juventus: €323.9m (279)

Borussia Dortmund: €280.6m (261.5)
Tottenham: €257.5m (215.5)
Schalke 04: €219.7m (214)
AC Milan: €199.1m (249.7)
Atletico Madrid: €187.1m (169.9)
AS Roma: €180.4m (127.4)
Newcastle: €169.3m (155.1)
Everton: €165.1m (144.1)
Internazionale: €164.8m (162.8)
West Ham: €160.9m (139.3)


Real Madrid top the list for the 11th consecutive year.

Barcelona won the treble and jumped over Manchester United to second.

There are nine English Premier League teams in the top 20, and five in the top 10.

Man Utd are the only team on the list that did not participate in the Champions League.

Both Inter and AC Milan fell in the rankings compared to last year.

Paris Saint-Germain skipped over Bayern.


Source: Deloitte Football Money League