Bayern Munich Favourites to Win 2014/15 UEFA Champions League Following Destruction of AS Roma

Bayern Munich FC - Logo - 2014After a thumping win over AS Roma in Rome (7-1), Bayern Munich are now the favourites to win this year's Champions League according to the odds.

What a game and what a performance by the Bundesliga champions. After only 36 minutes of play it was already 5-0. Wow!

Even though it did not look like it on Tuesday, AS Roma are a strong team these days. They are in the title race to win the Italian Serie A for the second year running.

After Bayern disassembled their Italian opposition, they now have better odds than the defending champions, Real Madrid, to win the UEFA Champions League this year.


Here are the current odds to win the 2014/15 Champions League:

Bayern Munich: 10/3
Real Madrid: 15/4
Barcelona: 11/2
Chelsea: 6/1
PSG: 12/1
Borussia Dortmund: 16/1
Atletico Madrid: 20/1
Juventus: 25/1
Arsenal: 25/1
Man City: 28/1
Liverpool: 33/1
Roma: 50/1

For the record, these were the odds posted on July 21st, 2014

Real Madrid: 4/1
Bayern Munich: 4/1
Barcelona: 5/1
Chelsea: 10/1
Manchester City: 12/1
PSG: 12/1
Atletico Madrid: 20/1
Juventus: 20/1
Borussia Dortmund: 25/1
Arsenal: 22/1
Liverpool: 28/1
Monaco: 40/1
Benfica: 50/1
Roma: 50/1
Napoli: 50/1


Source: UCL Odds - June 21st, 2014