Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather Rematch Betting Odds

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Earlier today, Floyd Mayweather says that he and Conor McGregor will be having a rematch in 2023.

The fight, according to Mayweather, will not be an exhibition - instead, it will be a "professional" fight, and Mayweather's 50-0 record will be on the line.

And why not? In their 2017 bout, Floyd Mayweather reportedly made $300 million, while McGregor made $100 million.

There will undoubtedly be less interest in a rematch, though given the popularity of McGregor, many PPVs will still be sold.


There are obviously many things that would need to be worked out, including the UFC giving their blessing for the fight.

There are, however, betting odds already available for this fight, courtesy of a major US-based sportsbook, Fanduel.

Here are the opening odds for a McGregor/Mayweather rematch:

Conor McGregor, +500
Floyd Mayweather, -800


You might raise your eyebrows at these odds, as Mayweather is not THAT big of a favorite to win.

This is what happened during their first fight - the amount of money being bet on McGregor kept the odds much closer than they likely should have been.

In fact, some people call McGregor-Mayweather I the "betting event of the century", as many people thought that McGregor had exactly zero percent chance of winning, even though the odds were being priced otherwise.


Has anything really changed in five years? Would McGregor stand any chance against Mayweather, who has kept in shape with a variety of different exhibition fights?

Regardless, there will be many professional bettors praying that this fight gets made, as they'll have the opportunity for another massive payday, especially if Mayweather's perfect record is on the line.

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