Fanduel Sued in Federal Court by Andrew Melnick

Published on March 6th, 2021 5:32 pm EST
Written By: Dave Manuel

Data is the issue in the recent federal court case. Earlier this week, plaintiff Andrew Melnick sued Fanduel in federal court, alleging that the company was deliberately delaying real-time scoring data in order to induce losing bets.

According to the lawsuit, Fanduel is accused of understating the "time remaining in live sporting events to induce its customers to make wagers they are more likely to lose".

The plaintiff Andrew Melnick is seeking damages and looking to prohibit Fanduel from operating until its app "accurately reflects the time remaining in a given sporting event".


According to Melnick, Fanduel "frequently materially understated" the time remaining in a game in their real-time display.

In addition, Melnick also accused Fanduel of inaccurately reporting the score of the time in "some instances".

As a result, Melnick would bet the under in games and lose.

Melnick says that the time remaining in the game is "critical to the determination of the risk and reward associated with a given wager", and that Fanduel's allegedly bad data caused him to lose.


While Fanduel hasn't reported as of yet, sports betting sites tend to have ironclad terms and conditions.

Although I haven't seen their site, I can pretty much guarantee that one of the terms and conditions of opening up and using an account on their site is that they won't be held responsible for any faulty or slow data.

Source: Bloomberg Law - FanDuel Accused of Delaying App Scores To Entice Losing Bets

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