English Favorite To Win 3rd Test of Ashes 2013

Published on July 24th, 2013 12:28 am EST
England will look to officially retain their title when they do battle against Australia in the 3rd test of Ashes 2013 on Thursday, August 1st.

England has had an easy go of it so far, winning the first two tests easily. All England needs is a draw in the third test and they will clinch a win over Australia.

Things have been going so badly for Australia, in fact, that Germany humorously offered to replace the Aussies.

For many, the big question at this point isn't whether or not England will win, it's whether or not they will win all five tests. In case you were wondering, the odds of England winning 5-0 currently sit at 3.75. The odds of Australia coming back to win 3-2? 51.00, which means that a $1 bet on Australia winning could potentially return $50 if they were able to pull off the miraculous comeback.


In terms of Test 3 on August 1st, here are the current betting odds:

England, 1.72
Draw, 3.25
Australia, 5.50

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