Edmonton Eskimos vs Winnipeg Bluebombers Betting Preview

Published on September 20th, 2013 3:42 pm EST
The Winnipeg Bluebombers will play host to the Edmonton Eskimos in a clash between the two worst teams in the CFL on this week's edition of CFL Friday Night Football.

The Eskimos and Bluebombers have something in common - they both have 2-9-0 records, and they are both currently occupying the cellar of their respective divisions. Both teams have been beset by disappointment and chaos so far this season (especially in the case of the Bluebombers), and both are going to have to turn things around dramatically in order to have a chance of making the playoffs.

The Bluebombers are 1-4-0 at home this season, while the Eskimos are 1-4-0 away from home.


The Eskimos, despite being on the road tonight, are 3 point favourites to win:

Edmonton Eskimos, -3, 1.90
Winnipeg Bluebombers, +3, 1.90

Here are the money line odds, which are the odds to win the game straight up:

Edmonton Eskimos, 1.64
Winnipeg Bluebombers, 2.35

So, if you were to bet $100 on each team, you would have the chance of winning:

Edmonton: $64 in profit
Winnipeg: $135 in profit

As you can see, Edmonton has the slight edge, despite the fact that the two teams have identical records. The differences? Edmonton has the better QB, plus they play in a much tougher division.

Finally, the over/under is set at 50.5 points:

Over 50.5 points, 1.90
Under 50.5 points, 1.90


One last thing - let's look at some of the margin of victory odds for tonight's game:

Eskimos to win by 1-6 points, 4.50
Eskimos to win by 7-12 points, 5.00
Eskimos to win by 13-18 points, 7.50

Winnipeg to win by 1-6 points, 4.75
Winnipeg to win by 7-12 points, 6.50
Winnipeg to win by 13-18 points, 10.00

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