Early Payout Offers Are A Perk Usually Offered To New Sportsbook Customers

Published on October 21st, 2020 8:20 am EST
Written By: Dave Manuel

Sportsbooks often offer perks to attract and keep customers. In an effort to win your business, sportsbooks will usually offer up perks such as deposit bonus offers and "early payout offers".

What is an "early payout offer"?

Let's say that you place a bet on Manchester City to defeat Chelsea.

Manchester City goes up 2-0 early in the match.

With an "early payout offer", the sportsbook may declare that if your team goes up by 2 goals at any point in the match, they will automatically pay you out your bet, regardless of what happens during the rest of the game.

So, if you are a new customer and the book is offering an "early payout offer", you would win this wager, even if Chelsea came back to win the match 3-2.

Some other popular early payout offers include:

1) NFL two-way bets if your team goes up by 17 points or more
2) MLB two-way bets if your team goes up by 5 runs or more


These early payout offers are usually just offered to new customers of a sports book in an effort to win your business. They will usually run for a limited period of time - usually for the remainder of the season that you are betting in.

So, if you are offered an "early payout offer" for NFL games, you will likely be able to participate in the offer until the Super Bowl is played that season. After that, the offer will likely no longer be available to you.


If you aren't sure as to whether or not the book you are about to join has "early payout offers" - ask their customer service team.

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