Drexel Overcame 34 Point Deficit To Defeat Delaware

Published on January 6th, 2024 6:16 pm EST
Written By: Dave Manuel

Record comeback win in D1 college basketball.  Drexel number 2 jersey worn by Tramaine Isabell. The February 22nd, 2018 game between Drexel and Delaware seemed like it was going to be an underwhelming affair, though little did the sports world know that they were about to witness history.

Delaware entered the game with a 12-17 record, while Drexel was 11-18. This was not a game that was on the radar of the sports world, as neither team was very good that season.

In fact, Drexel entered the contest riding a 4-game losing streak, so their fans weren't holding out that much hope for a strong performance.

Delaware came out absolutely firing, as they hit 62% of their shots in the first half, including 63% from three-point land.

Drexel, on the other hand, couldn't buy a basket.

At one point, Drexel was down 34 points on their home court.

At halftime, Delaware held a commanding 56-29 lead.


Drexel's coach had a moment of brilliance at halftime, as he decided that junior Tramaine Isabell would get some big minutes in the second half.

The move paid off, as Isabell brought some immediate fire to the proceedings.

Isabell absolutely went off, putting in 22 points and 6 assists in the second half, as Drexel slowly but surely chipped away at the lead.

Delaware, on the other hand, completely wilted.


Drexel would close the game on a 22-6 run, with Isabell scoring a bunch of those points.

Isabell would drain two late free-throws to give Drexel the unbelievable 85-83 win, which represented the biggest comeback in the history of D1 college basketball.


Tramaine Isabell went undrafted in the 2019 NBA Draft, and he is currently playing for the Artland Dragons in Germany.

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