Definition of YRFI Bet

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What does the term "YRFI bet" mean in the world of baseball betting? What is meant by "YRFI"?

In the world of baseball betting, a "YRFI bet" is when you are betting that a run will be scored in the first inning of a baseball game.

A Toronto Blue Jays hitter makes contact with the ball.  The meaning of the term YRFI Bet is explained.YRFI stands for:


It doesn't matter which team scores in the first inning - as long as at least one run is scored, you will win your bet.


Let's say that the New York Yankees are playing the Toronto Blue Jays, and the YRFI odds look like this:

YRFI, -120

So, according to these odds, there is a slightly better than a coin flip chance that a run is scored in the first inning.

So, if you wanted to put down $120 on a run being scored in the first inning, you would see a potential profit of $100.


There are a number of different things that must be considered with the YRFI bets, including:

1) Quality of starting pitching
2) How hot the bats are for both teams as of late
3) Weather

Baseball is a very streaky game, and if both teams have been hitting well as of late, there is an increased chance of the YRFI bet paying off.