Definition of Tournament Match Bet

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What does the term "tournament match bet" mean in the world of golf betting? What is meant by a "tournament match bet"?

In golf betting, a "tournament match bet" allows you to bet on which player (out of two players) will have the better tournament.

In photo: Sergio Garcia hits the ball.  The meaning of Tournament Match Bet is explained.For instance, here is a tournament match bet line for the US Open:

Harris English, -128
Sergio Garcia, +102

So, if you think that Garcia is going to have the better tournament, you would bet on him to win at +102.


The winner of the tournament match bet is the player who plays the most holes.

So, if Harris makes the cut and Garcia doesn't, Harris is automatically the winner of the bet, regardless of how he does over the last two days of the tournament.

If the two players play the SAME amount of holes, the winner of the bet is the player who has the lowest score.

So, if both players make the cut and Harris English finishes -12 and Sergio Garcia finishes -8, Harris English will win the bet.


The bet is considered live as soon as both players tie off for the tournament - if one of the players elects to withdraw, the bet is still valid, and the winner will be the player who completes the most holes.