Definition of Tonawanda Kardex Lumbermen

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The Tonawanda Kardex (aka the All-Tonawanda Lumberjacks) hold the distinction of being the shortest-lived franchise in the history of the NFL (National Football League).

The team, which was based out of Tonawanda, New York, joined the NFL (then known as the American Professional Football Association) in 1921, played one game and then folded.

The team that lasted only one game in professional football - The Tonawanda Kardex Lumbermen - Logo.The history of the team predates the NFL, as the franchise played in the New York Pro Football League from 1916-19 before moving to the American Professional Football Association in 1921.

The team, which was coached by Walter "Tam" Rose, never played a home game during their time in the NFL.

If they had played at home, they would have played at their local high school, which is where their games were held prior to the team entering the NFL.

The Tonawanda Kardex Lumbermen's only game in the American Professional Football Association took place on the road against the Rochester Jeffersons, where they were blown out by a score of 45-0. 2,700 fans turned out for the game.

In the earliest days of the NFL, teams were responsible for scheduling their own games, and reportedly nobody wanted to play against the Tonawanda Kardex (later known as the Lumbermen).

This resulted in the Tonawanda team playing just one game.

In 1922, the NFL increased their franchise fee from $50 to $1,000, and Tonawanda (along with a number of other teams) elected not to pay, and were excluded from the league going forward.


It's a very safe bet that the Tonawanda Kardex / Lumbermen will be the only team to ever play just one game in the NFL.