Definition of Team to Make First Score 2-Way

What does the term "team to make first score 2-way" mean in the world of sports betting? What is meant by the term "team to make first score 2-way"?

In sports betting, the "team to make first score 2-way" line is very straightforward and is used in sports such as football, baseball and soccer.

With this line, you are simply betting on which team will score first.

The Sports King explains the meaning of the betting term - Team to Make FIrst Score 2-Way.  Examples from American Football and Baseball are provided.For instance - let's say that the Kansas City Chiefs are playing the Tennessee Titans.

The "team to make first score 2-way" line might look like this:

Kansas City Chiefs, 1.74
Tennessee Titans, 2.05

In this example, the Chiefs would be slightly favoured to score the first points of the game, though the Titans are a virtual coin flip.


Let's take a look at another example, this time in baseball.

The "team to make first score 2-way" line for a baseball game might look like this (let's use American odds this time):

Toronto Blue Jays, +135
New York Yankees, -155

In this case, the Yankees would be the slight favourites to score first, as they are the better team.