Definition of Superclasico

What is the meaning of Superclasico in the game of football?

Superclasico is one of the world's biggest derbies. It is the clash between the Argentine giants Boca Juniors and River Plate, both based in the city of Buenos Aires.

The Superclasico is quite possibly the most emotional and most electric game in all sports. It divides the nation of Argentina in two for the duration of the match.

Around 70% of fans in Argentina support either River Plate or Boca. It is not just a game over there. It is a battle between social classes. It is rich vs. poor. River Plate are from the wealthy district of the city and are nicknamed Los Millionarios, while Boca Juniors are from the working class district.

The list of star footballers who took part in a Superclasico is long. The most famous name is Diego Maradona who played for Boca Juniors early in his career and who also retired as a player wearing the team's colours.

The British Observer ranked Superclasico as the number one sporting event to witness in a lifetime.

I mean have you seen anything quite like this before?