Definition of Recreational Bettor

What does the term "recreational bettor" mean in the world of sports betting? What is meant by a recreational bettor?

In sports betting, a "recreational bettor" is somebody who wagers from time-to-time. They are the opposite of a professional bettor, who will bet for a living.

What are the Recreational Bettors?  The King explains.Recreational bettors may wager a few hundred dollars now and again, and they will usually focus their wagers on big events like the Super Bowl.

In addition, recreational bettors usually prefer to bet on their favorite teams or clubs.

Recreational bettors are often called "squares", while the professional bettors are called "sharps".

Recreational bettors can have a major impact on betting lines.

One famous example of this is the Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather fight. Recreational bettors bet heavily on Conor McGregor, while the pros were all over Floyd Mayweather, as they assumed that McGregor had essentially no chance of winning.

In reality, Mayweather should have been a -2000 favourite to win (at least), though the flood of money on McGregor kept the Mayweather line at around -600, which was considered a godsend by professional bettors.


Sportsbooks absolutely love recreational bettors.