Definition of Player Home Run Bet

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What does the term "player home runs bet" mean in the world of baseball betting? What is meant by a "player home runs bet"?

The player home run bet is one of the most popular wagers in the world of baseball betting, alongside the NRFI and YRFI wagers.

With the "player home run bet", you are simply betting on a player to hit a home run over the course of a game.

The King explains the meaning of the term Player Home Runs Bet - In photo: Aaron Judge taking a knee before the game.For instance, an Aaron Judge home run bet might look like this:



So, this means that if Aaron Judge hits a home run over the course of an individual game, you would receive a profit of $275 on every $100 wagered.

On the other hand, if Aaron Judge doesn't hit a home run, you would lose your bet.


If a player doesn't end up playing in a game, sportsbooks will void your "player home run bet".

If, however, they are taken out of the game early, you would still lose your bet if they don't hit a home run.