Definition of Pitch Speed Betting

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What does the term "pitch speed betting" mean in the world of baseball betting? what is meant by the term pitch speed betting?

Pitch speed betting is a relatively new creation that is a type of micro-bet.

With pitch speed betting, the book sets an over/under line on the speed of each pitch, and you can bet on whether the pitch speed will be over or under that amount.

Detroit Tiger pitcher Justin Verlander is about to throw a ball.  What is the meaning of the term Pitch Speed Betting when it comes to the sport of baseball?  The King explains.For instance, let's say that Justin Verlander is on the mound.

After going up 0-2 in the count, the sportsbook you bet with sets the pitch speed line for the third pitch at 95.5 MPH.

So, the line might look like this:

Justin Verlander's Third Pitch

95.5 Miles Per Hour

Over 95.5 MPH, -110
Under 95.5 MPH, -110

If you think that Verlander is going to bring the heat with a fastball on the third pitch, you'd want to bet the over.

If you think that he might try to throw something like a change-up, you'd want to bet the under.


The pitch speed betting lines, as mentioned, are relatively new.

The state of New Jersey recently approved such bets, just in time for the World Series.