Definition of Piemonte Calcio

Electronic Arts holds one of the most popular games in the world in their FIFA series of sports games. The only real competition that they have in this market is Pro Evolution Soccer (PES), who have gradually been thrown in the shadows due to their lack of licensing power. However, PES has pulled off a few big names recently, with one notably being absent from the latest edition of FIFA.

The meaning of the video game term Piemonte Calcio is explained, when it comes to the famous Italian football club Juventus.Juventus is arguably the largest club in Italy, having won the league for the past 9 seasons. In addition to that, they signed one of the biggest names in the game; Christiano Ronaldo. PES pulled off this licencing victory, with many FIFA fans wondering who the "Piemonte Calcio" was in the game. This wonderment didn't last long, as they soon figured that it was Juventus, whether by the players or the fact that Juventus were missing.

In FIFA 21 Juventus will continue under their name of Piemonte Calcio, as Konami (the developers of PES) had the licence for 3 years, starting in 2019. Piemonte Calcio will continue to use all the players at the club, but it won't be able to use the club name, badge, official kits or even the Allianz Stadium. The actual name of the club is based on the region where Juventus are located. Piemonte is where Turin is located, while calcio is simply football in Italian.

It shall be interesting to see whether or not Juventus comes back to FIFA or even more clubs start to leave the exclusive deals that EA are putting forth.