Definition of Perfect Passer Rating

What does the term "perfect passer rating" mean in the world of the NFL? What is meant by a perfect passer rating?

The passer rating, or QBR, is used to judge the efficiency of a quarterback.

The QBR can range from 0 (very bad) to 158.3 (perfect).

The meaning of the term Perfect Passer Rating is explained in detail.  What is it?Most NFL-level quarterbacks usually average somewhere in the range of between 70-100.

A very good day from a NFL QB, however, can produce a perfect rating.

Note: To see how the QBR is calculated, please click here.


In order to achieve a perfect 158.3 rating, a QB must do ALL of these four things:

1. Post a completion percentage of at least 77.5%

2. Throw for at least 12.5 yards per attempt

3. Throw at least 1 touchdown for every 8.421 attempts

4. Throw zero interceptions

If you do all of these four things, congratulations - you will have a perfect QB rating!


As of the time that this was written (December, 2021), the perfect 158.3 QBR score had been accomplished a total of 78 times since the number started getting tracked in the early 1970s.