Definition of Past Post

What does the term "past post" mean in the world of sports betting? What is the definition of the term "past post"?

In sports betting, "past post" or "past posting" is when a bet is placed on an event that has already started.

The meaning of the term Past Post Wager is explained by the King.  When does such a bet take place?When this occurs, the sports book has obviously made a mistake.

The question is - how do sports books deal with "past posting"? This depends, and is usually at the discretion of the casino.

In some cases, the casino will simply pay out the bets and admit their mistakes. This usually occurs if a guest of the casino places a "past post" wager.

In some cases, the casino will void the bets and attempt to avoid paying them out. This usually leads to an escalation to gaming authorities. Note that sports books, usually those that are online sports books, will have ironclad terms and conditions that will allow them to avoid paying out bets in the event of an error or mistake.

In some cases, casinos will offer the customers who placed a "past post" wager a choice - receive the winnings and get banned from the casino forever, or forego the winners and remain a customer.


Sportsbooks can make mistakes, and sometimes they will accept wagers on games that have already started, especially for sports that aren't widely followed.