Definition of NFL Plus

What does the term "NFL Plus" mean? What is meant by the term "NFL Plus"?

According to reports, the NFL is developing a subscription service that may be launched as soon as next year.

What is the meaning of the term NFL Plus?  What type of a service is it?  The King explains.  In photo: NFL cheerleader in action.The service, which would reportedly cost $5 a month, would include live games, radio broadcasts, team content and more.

The NFL has a great deal of flexibility as to which games they could include on NFL Plus, as they only guarantee a portion of their games for viewing in their national TV deals.

This means that the league could include a significant number of live games in the NFL Plus package, as well as podcasts, radio shows and team-specific content.

According to reports, owners are expected to vote on the potential launch of the new product at the owner's meeting next year.