Definition of Next Man Up

What does the term "next man up" mean in the sports world? What is the definition of the term "next man up"?

In the world of sports, "next man up" refers to a true team when one player can take over for another seamlessly. In a "next man up" situation, the team isn't dominated by stars - instead, the team is a joint effort that succeeds or fails as an entity.

The meaning of the term Next Man Up in sports is explained and illustrated.For instance - let's say that there is a football team that loses its starting running back. In the "next man up" scenario, the back-up running back would step in to action, prepared, and take over the starting position with little drop-off.

In a "next man up" situation, every player is important, from the starting quarterback all the way down to the guy on the end of the bench.

Teams like the New England Patriots have successfully deployed a "next man up" strategy over the years. Look no further than the year that Tom Brady suffered a season-ending injury near the start of the year. Back-up QB Matt Cassel ended up leading the Patriots to the playoffs.

Next man up.