Definition of NBA Top Shot

What does the term "NBA Top Shot" mean? What is the definition of the term "NBA Top Shot"?

"NBA Top Shot" is taking the sports collectible world by storm and could very well change the industry forever.

The meaning and definition of NBA Top Shot.  What is it?  Sports King explains.With "NBA Top Shot", instead of collecting traditional physical sports cards you are collecting digital "moments".

For instance - let's say that Lebron James throws down a monster dunk to win a game in overtime against the Milwaukee Bucks.

"NBA Top Shot", via their partnership with the NBA, would allow collectors to purchase this digital "memory".

There are different "tiers" to refer to the amount of these "memories" that are circulating in the hands of collectors. Here are the five tiers:

Common Tier, 1000+
Rare Tier, 150-999
Legendary Tier, 25-99
Ultimate Tier, Only 3
Legendary Tier, Only 1

The more exclusive the tier, the more valuable the memory.

All highlights are numbered and verified by the blockchain. Certain sets of highlights are limited edition, which means that more copies of the highlight will not be made available. This increases the value even more.

Also, all highlights have a serial number - the lower the number, the more valuable the moment will be.

So, if there are 30 moments limited edition moments available, the #1 serial number will be worth more than the #30, even though they are the EXACT same memory.


There are two ways to buy these "memories":

1. You can buy "packs", which is just like buying traditional packs of sports cards.

A "common" pack, which is the cheapest of the three packs that are available, could include 9 common moments.

A "rare" pack could include 7 common moments and 1 rare moment, while a legendary pack could include 6 common moments, 3 rare moments and 1 legendary moment.

As you can imagine, packs include in value from common to rare to legendary.

2. You can buy directly from other investors via a marketplace. All transactions are handled via the NBA Top Shot site, and all transactions are verified via the blockchain. This ensures authenticity and guarantees that transactions are probably carried out.


Are people actually spending money on these "memories"?

The quick answer - yes! Literally tens of millions of dollars have been spent already, and NBA Top Set is still in its beta.

It's very important to note that the NBA is a partner in this venture, so you can safely assume that they will push the product very hard, as it could potentially be a very lucrative new revenue stream for the league.

In addition, with cryptocurrencies exploding in value as of late, there is a great deal of speculative money that could be thrown at these new type of collectibles. There already seems to be a great deal of interest in this product.


"NBA Top Shot" is something that you will very likely hear a great deal more about in the near future.