Definition of ML / Total

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What does the term "ML / Total" or "moneyline / total" mean in the world of sports betting? What is meant by the term "ML / Total"?

In sports betting, "ML / total" lines refer to when you are choosing which team will win a game AND whether the game will go over or under its posted total.

The meaning of the term ML / Total, also known as the Moneyline / Total, is explained.  Example provided.  In photo: Buffalo Bills quarterback of the past.In order to win your bet, you must guess both of these things correctly or else the bet will not pay out.

So, let's say that the Denver Broncos are playing the Buffalo Bills, and the total is 47.5 points.

The Bills are favored to win.

The four ml/total lines might look like this:

Buffalo Bills, Over 47.5 points, +145
Buffalo Bills, Under 47.5 points, +190
Denver Broncos, Over 47.5 points, +650
Denver Broncos, Under 47.5 points, +600

So, let's say that you think that the Bills will win in a low-scoring game.

In this case, you'd want to take the "Buffalo Bills, Under 47.5 points" line.

In order for your bet to be a winner, the Buffalo Bills will have to win, plus the game will have to go under 47.5 points.

The advantage of this bet is that the payoffs are pretty decent, as you are parlaying the money line with the over/under total.

The disadvantage of this bet is that you will need to correctly guess both the money line winner and the over/under in order to win your bet.