Definition of Lucky 63

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What does the term "Lucky 63" mean in the world of sports betting, particularly in the world of horse racing?

The definition and meaning of the horse betting term Lucky 63 is the subject of this article.A "Lucky 63" is a collection of 63 bets that is generated from making 6 selections on 6 different races or events.

These 6 selections are combined in a bunch of singles, doubles, trebles and accumulators to make the "Lucky 63". The "Lucky 63" consists of:

6 Singles
15 Doubles
20 Trebles
15 Fourfold Accumulators
6 Fivefold Accumulators
1 Sixfold Accumulator

Each bet is treated separately and can win or fail independently. So, if you wanted to put £2 on each selection, the total ticket would cost you £126 (63 selections multiplied by a total of £).

Sportsbooks will usually offer some incentives on these "Lucky 63" bets, such as extra bonuses if you get all of your selections correct, odds multipliers if you get just one selection correct, or bonuses if you get all but one of the selections correct.

You can also do "Each Way" bets on all of the selections, which will double the cost of your ticket, as you will be adding "each way" bets to all of the selections.


In order to create a Lucky 63 ticket, you need to select six winners from six different events, such as:

Race 1

Horse A to Win

Race 2

Horse B to Win

Race 3

Horse C to Win

Race 4

Horse D to Win

Race 5

Horse E to Win

Race 6

Horse F to Win

These selections are then combined in a variety of doubles, trebles and accumulators. For instance, a Double might look like:

Horse A, Horse B To Win

If the odds for each horse to win look like this:

Horse A = 4.00
Horse B = 5.00

One of the double payouts might look like this: 4.00 * 5.00 * £2 = £40

Add up all of your winners from your ticket, and this is what you will be paid out, plus any of the bonuses that the sportsbook is offering.