Definition of Load Management

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What does the term "load management" mean in the world of basketball? What is meant by the term "load management"?

"Load management" is the somewhat controversial practice of resting top NBA players for entire games, even though they are healthy enough to play.

The idea is that these players will get nights of crucial rest during the season so that they are healthier for the playoffs.

The meaning of the term Load Management when it comes to NBA basketball is explained.  What is it and why is it done?The term really rose to prominence because of Kawhi Leonard, who was often given nights off to rest so that he would be healthier and more energized for the playoffs.

The Golden State Warriors are another team that have used "load management" to rest top players, as the team often goes deep into the playoffs.


"Load management" has become an issue as teams will sometimes rest top players during long road-trips.

So, let's say that the Golden State Warriors are in the midst of a long East Coast road trip. You live on the East Coast and decide to buy a pair of expensive Warriors/Wizards tickets so that you can see Steph Curry in person.

The Warriors decide to rest almost all of their starters for the Wizards game, and now you miss out on the chance to see one of the best players in the league. And, to add insult to injury, you paid top dollar to see the Warriors field a team of back-up players.

This is the crux of the "load management" issue, and many fans aren't happy about it, though the league and the players don't seem to want to make any major changes.