Definition of Leagues Cup Betting

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What is the "Leagues Cup"? What is the definition of the term "Leagues Cup", and how does somebody bet on the tournament?

The Leagues Cup has actually been around since 2019, though it has really garnered a great deal of attention as of late due to three major reasons:

1) The expansion of the tournament to include all Liga MX and MLS teams
2) The introduction of Lionel Messi to the MLS
3) The growth of soccer in general in the United States

The Leagues Cup and betting on the new tournament.  In photo:  Inter Miami player.If it seems like the Leagues Cup is suddenly a big deal - that's because it is suddenly a big deal.

In the past, four teams from both Liga MX and MLS would play in the Leagues Cup.

Now, the annual event includes all of the teams from both leagues, and there are three spots in the CONCACAF Champions Cup on the line as well.


The tournament includes 47 teams and a total of 77 matches, with all games being hosted in the United States and Canada.

The top 15 teams from both leagues will be seeded into 15 different groups, with the remaining teams being added based on geographic sensibilities to reduce travel.

In addition, two teams receive byes and move straight to the knockout stage.

The winner of the Leagues Cup will qualify directly for the Round of 16 in the CONCACAF Champions Cup, while the runner-up and third-place finishers will also receive spots as well.


Most major sportsbooks are offering lines on Leagues Cup.

If you want to bet on the outcome of the individual matches, you can do that. You can bet on any number of things in an individual Leagues Cup match - the winner, the number of corner kicks in the match, the first goal scorer, etc. etc.

In addition, you can bet on who will win the tournament, who will win a particular Group, who will finish last in a Group, which player will score the most goals in the tournament, etc.

In addition, sportsbooks will allow you to use in-play betting on Leagues Cup games, so you are never shut out of the action, even if you miss the opening kickoff.


Check with your sportsbook, but they are almost certain to have comprehensive coverage of Leagues Cup events.