Definition of La Vecchia Signora

What is the meaning of the term 'La Vecchia Signora' when it comes to the sport of football?

Ever since Antonio Conte took charge of Juventus F.C back in 2011, the Italian footballing side have been nearly unstoppable. They have won eight consecutive league titles and four doubles in that time. A very impressive haul for a team with the name of La Vecchia Signora or 'The Old Lady'.

Juventus player - Illustration - La Veccia Signora meaning and origin explained. The club itself is old, having been founded in 1897 in Turin. One might wonder why they are called Juventus instead of being named after Turin. The name is actually descended from the Latin word iuventus, which means youth. The 'Old' part of the nickname is actually a joke on account of the club name actually meaning youth. This might not seem all that hilarious, but it is certainly an attempt at irony from the Italians, as the club has a tendency to keep veteran and aging players (sometimes for too long).

The 'Lady' part of the nickname is less of a pun. It comes from the fact that fans of Juventus simply referred to it as a lady. Because Southern Italians also had a tendency to support Juve (another nickname) and call it La Fidanzata d'Italia or 'Italy's Fiancee', the feminine part of the name stuck.

The name that is now known to fans all over the world alongside I Bianconeri and Le Zebre is really just a joke that the fans, players and owners have all embraced. La Vecchia Signora is as much a part of the club as the famous black and white stripes, and it won't be leaving anytime soon.