Definition of In-Play Betting

What does the term "in-play betting" mean? What is meant by "in-play betting"?

What exactly is "in-play betting"?

Definition of In-Play Betting Term - Sports Betting DictionaryIn-play betting refers to the ability to bet on games while they are in progress. The odds that are offered will adjust as the game progresses.

For instance, let's say that Manchester United is hosting Manchester City.

Prior to the game starting, the odds look something like this:

Manchester United, 1.61
Draw, 3.50
Manchester City, 2.75

These odds mean that Manchester United is the favorite, while Manchester City is the underdog.

If you want to bet on the outcome of the game, you can place a bet before the game.

However, "in-play betting" refers to placing bets while the game is in progress.

For instance, let's say that Manchester City scores an early goal. All of a sudden, Manchester United will NOT be the favorites to win, as they have found themselves down 1-0.

After the 10th minute, the score is 1-0 Man City, and the "in-play odds" look like this:

Manchester United, 4.00
Draw, 3.50
Manchester City, 1.20

Suddenly, Manchester United is the clear favorite to win the game, due to the fact that they scored an early goal.

If you put $100 on Manchester United at this point and they came back to win the game, you would take home $300 in profit.

You can bet on practically everything "in-play" - the number of corner kicks, the score after one half of play, whether or not the game will end in a draw, who will score the next goal, etc.